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Contribution to SWAAY - and thanks to people who have championed these organizations.

My thanks to renegadeeveolution and furrygirl, two bloggers who have called attention to the problems sex workers face from interest groups seeking to suppress them and their comrades.

This year, I have been in a position to make a modest contribution - in this case to SWAAY. I expect to continue to do so.

Why the "debates" don't really matter.

1) They aren't really debates. They are speeches directed at talking points, aimed generally to their clients.

2) Their clients are really all that matter.

The Dems will make sure they retain trial lawyers, public employees, and unions. Unions matter because the Dems will deliver as much federal funds as possible to the giant corporations that are unionized - e.f. GM and Chrysler.

The GOP will make sure they retain defense contractors and suppliers and "homeland security" clients, especially private prisons, drone manufacturers and sensor instrumentation companies.

3) It is noteworthy that no one has ever mentioned freeing a single prisoner unjustly imprisoned. Both parties see "tough" as meaning enforcement of their agenda against all resisters.

Is Chivalry Dead? If not, line it up against a wall andopen up on it with twin-50s

There was a discussion on fetlife "Is Chivalry Dead?", and the responses were interesting. Far too many tended to sort themselves out in sexist terms of men holding doors for women, often in the context of "the strong protecting the weak".

But the deeper the whole discussion got, the more Chivalry was exposed as not so much a matter of "being nice", but of supporting a hierarchy. The sexism sort of subsumed into a general hierarchalism. But really, should being gracious be contingent on subjugating, or even feeling superior to, someone else? Why is this even necessary? Who needs such a reason.

So, next time someone laments the loss of Chivalry, I'll have to tell them that I am all for killing it wherever it emerges - and what is a whole lot better.

Probably the closest I came to getting (deliberately) killed.

I was a manager at a gas station. Every day after I drove in, the first thing I would do was open up the change safe for the shift changer, then stick the tanks to verify volume and other things before turning on the pumps to serve customers. There was a small standing room only office with a lectern type desk, the safes and really nothing else. I’d had a robbery before, but handling this was easy – I just gave them the money, some of it anyway $75 because he didn’t know what he was doing.

One day, for some reason, I couldn’t locate the keys before I went in. Finally, I decided to just go in and give a call to the assistant manager for his set of keys. I got to the gas station, went to the pay phone and started to dial when a guy came up, put a gun barrel in my face, grabbed me and took me into the office where my partner, i.e. the other guy manning the shift was. He then demanded the money – a demand both company policy and personal preference indicate a willing compliance.

Except that I couldn’t give him any money. I tried to explain what was up, why I had gone to the phone, etc. etc. He wasn’t having any of it and began the ongoing chorus of the discussion:

“Give me the money!”

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Computer Issues

I'd been having a host of computer issues for the last 4-6 weeks. I figured it might be related to registry to I tried a registry cleaner to weak results. Then when my anti-virus stopped downloading, it occured to me that it's registry was fucked up. That apparently wasn't the case, but I decided to uninstall, delete and reinstall.

Also, after Adobe Reader quit launching, I tried to do the same.

For some reason, Adobe updates left my reader un-functional. I did a
uninstall, delete and attempted a reinstall on versions 9 and X. Neither was
able to install, though I have the .exe programs fully downloaded. Adobe is
working on this, but I needed something NOW.

This reader
comes well recommended and downloaded and worked just fine. Of course you
want to uncheck some of the installation options like toolbar, etc. It also
tries to create it's own file, but since it is unfamiliar you may want to
create a pathway ProgramFiles->PDFReaders->Foxit so you can find it when you
get as absent minded as I can.

Foxit, also seems to permit mark-ups of files, so you can highlight some things and save those notes - a nice element.

I don't Like the Democrats much either but the GOP voter suppresion has me seriously pissed, so...

I thought of something and sent it to the Ohio Democratic Party


I'm mainly a Libertarian, but the games the GOP is playing to suppress voting piss me off.

I was thinking that one thing you could do is to mount a "Get out the photo" campaign, where you bus/truck/whatever masses ofvoters to the local DMV for a photo ID. It would get great press and mass people who are favorably inclined for the campaign. If you served refreshments (think: kids going along the line with jugs of lemonade), it could be very effective. Also, DMV offices could stay up till all hours to make this possible.

Good luck if you do this,

Now it IS possible that the GOP will follow up by closing DMV operations except during the workday. At that point, since there would be all these people milling around, they should march on the GOP and state rep headquarters - or even homes.

Also, photo ID better be free. Otherwise, there is a shot at overturning the laws on the grounds that it's a Poll Tax.

(no subject)

There was a made for TV movie made a while back called "Calendar Girl Murders". We never even see the killer's face. In the end the hero (Tom Skerritt) roles him up in a carpet and brings him down the stairs.

Tom is asked "Who is he?"

"Nobody. That's his problem."

Pretty much sums up serial and binge killers all over, most recently in Colorado.

There really isn't a remedy. We have a very large population. It is easy to be "nobody", but with a craving to be more. There are numerous and ever expanding political and quasi-political efforts to control people, which tends to divide society into the controllers and the controlled. Serial and binge killing is one way to "get into the game" - and at the top, or at something that looks like the top.

We'll see more of this for a long long time. There is no real incentive for anyone with power to retrench the very power seeking that encourages it.

Do Gen X and The Millennials really exist?

I was at an SME annual meeting early this week and there was a presentation on engaging new volunteers to help the organization. One presumed salient point mentioned was that "Gen X" has only 38M people, while "The Millenials" have 79M. This got me thinking: What IS a generational split? I looked at some historical demographics and have come to the conclusion that while "The Boomers" exist, it just doesn't make sense to look at arbitrary intervals in general as a "generation".

First, let's consider "The Boomers". These began in 1946 and ended in 1964. Why? Theoretically all these guys came back from WW2 and there was a surge in the birthrate. I took a look at some birthrates here The interval is 5 years up until 1950, but there appears to be a pattern:

1910-1925, essentially “normalcy” starting at 3% and dropping to 2.5%
1930-1945, with the depression and WW2 varying between 1.8%-2.1%
1950-1959, varying between 2.4% to 2.5%
1960-1976, with a long, generally steady drop from 2.3% to 1.5%
1977-present fluctuating between 1.4% and 1.7% with no real uniformity and no discernible "boom" or surge.

Note that the depression/war years are about .55% below previous levels while .35 % above present levels. Meanwhile the real "baby boom" (which may indeed extend back to the late 40s is .5% (about 20% comparatively) About previous levels. So, yes, there was a "boom".

Meanwhile, there really hasn't been any subsequent bracketed "boom" and no obvious break point between the putative Gen X and Millennials.

There have been many technological changes over time, but no specific surge. There was the corporate shift from mail to telex in the 60s; from telex to fax in the 80s; and from fax to email/file transfer in the late 90s/early 2000s. The latter is significant because it jumped from business to home, which telex and fax never did.

The other communications change was the media shift from newspapers and radio to TV in the 50s; the emergence of niche news (via cable and then satellite) starting in the mid 80s; to further niche news (forums/blogs/social media) starting in the late 90s.

Younger(ish) people do tend to be the early adopters, but that's about it. The upshot of this is that it may be beneficial to watch trends, but plugging people into arbitrary generations seems to reflect the desired identification of the marketer than an actual divide - at least at this stage.