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28 February 1950
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A brief message, then my meat and potatoes:

Okay, I have a request: I'm an info-slut and I have curiosity as to why people click on and what they were hoping to see. So, could I have a message just indicating how and why you traveled here? If you don't want a response, just indicate. That's fine, but I have an insatiable curiosity.

Blog Philosophy Comment: This is an integrated work and personal blog, on the grounds that an open and diverse society benefits from people limiting the compartmentalization of their lives. Such compartmentalization serves only those who seek, through social pressure and economic interdiction, to create an authoritarian and repressive world. Those who can afford to resist such, should endeavor to do so. That does not mean that all aspects of my life, in exquisite detail, are revealed to all. However, the overall nature of my life is open in great measure due to my view that I represent a pretty good model for the world.

If I had an “personal ad”, it would read:

“Pervy Slut, Seeks Same.

“If you are a highly libidinous responsive slut, generally bottom pervette, and at near total peace and prosperity with yourself, drop me a line. Yes. I WILL bite - and a host of other well calibrated torments, teases, and likely every other delicious delight you crave. An ability to feignt, parry, and thrust in congenial combatitiveness is an essential survival skill. Critical capacities include intelligence; and general good will to yourself, your friends, your lovers and the world.”

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Overview – This is Actually More Than Any Sane Person Would Plow Through!

I) Relationships

A) Meta – How I define love “To prosper in the profits of others – to share their joys and solace their sorrows.”. I also despise efforts to interdict relationships between people, almost always have.

B) Primary relationship with Jane, met on June 26, 1970 at Kent State University, registered with the State on September 23, 1972. What I like most about my primary relationship - The love and respect we have for each other and desire to make each other’s lives easier and more enjoyable. 99%, just thinking of each other brings a smile to our hearts. Jane, of course, could be improved. I, of course, could not. No, you don’t have to ask Jane’s opinion on that.

C) Other relationships - The richness of affection, wisdom and sensuality that I have been able to give and received. No one person can encompass all personalities, and I am fortunate to share the experience of the love, respect and lusting of others as they have developed on their different paths.

D) Family – I have the good fortune of a generally loving, respectful and mirthful family that blends industry, staying interesting and showing care with a playful spirit. This includes offspring, parents and in-laws. All in all, not a bad deal in life

II) Education – BS. Math, Kent State University, minors in Econ and Psych. Grad work in Math and Business Administration.

III) Career

A) 1976-1979 – Manufacturing Management (Materials and Production Control, Foreman) in Metalworking, Sealants and Coatings

B) 1979-1997 – Partner in Printing Associates, a graphics and printing firm. In sales, I primarily called on scientific, technical and industrial accounts. Work in Marketing, Technical Communications and MIS materials. Awards from both Society of Technical Communications and Mill reprint requests and orders received.

C) 1997-1999 – Merged into (dis)-Astro Media Services, IN THEORY offering web-development and video services as well.

D) 2000-Present – Start Kunukku, primarily to do the things (dis)-Astro was supposed to do. Also represent a rubber molding company, and have authorization to represent a rubber extrusion company and assembly company.

IV) Interests

A) Meta
1) I think my interests had to be somewhat formed even when I was 5 or 6 and Olin-Mattheson, the company my father worked for had open house plant tours for the families of workers and it seemed rather wondrous. Of course the Winchester Arms exhibit added to the coolness.
2) We got a set of the World Book encyclopedia when I was 7 or 8, and I would often take a volume to bed to read – paleo-wiki-walking
3) I’m not sure how, but I was raised with the expectation that I would learn to play an instrument. My gramma Boepple sang strongly in the choir of the church my grampa Boepple preached in, and played organ and piano.

B) Science, Technology & Industry
1) Ever since I was a kid, my heroes have often been people in Science Technology & Industry. I read comic book biographies of Galileo, Pasteur, Curie, Einstein, Edison and probably many others. I have always been impressed by those who advanced the knowledge and material well being of their fellows through genius and energy – especially against the pressures of conformity (You can see the emerging contempt for “authority” here.) I loved high school chemistry and physics.
2) Subscribe to Scientific American and dig shows with a sci/tech bent, such as Cosmos, Connections, How It’s Made and Mythbusters
3) Secy-Treas of local Society of Manufacturing Engineers, past Chair of the SME Nanomanufacturing Technical Group. Attend Nortech Med/Biotech and Nanotech events.

C) History
1) I’m not sure when my first interest in History developed, though the ST&I biographies enter into it as a form of historical setting and context. I recall reading about World War 1 and 2 in the World Book encyclopedia and having an interest in prehistoric times since at least 6th grade. By 9th grade I was reading ahead in my American History, and even lost a point on a test because my answer, while true, represented something “we hadn’t gotten to yet, and if I give you credit, I’ll have to give everyone credit.” (This only augmented my natural contempt for “authority”.) I loved History class in high school, even if I didn’t do that well in it, Cs and Bs.
2) Since college, I think my interest in History was spurred on by both Homer Smith’s “Man and His Gods” and historical fiction by Michael Cricton’s “Eaters of the Dead” (now I think called “The 13th Warrior”).
3) Read Durant’s “The Story of Civilization” Vol. I-XI, one of the most readable of histories, over the course of probably 8 years. Have picked up bargain priced books: “Empires of the Steppes”, “The Sumerians”, “The Hittites”, “The Goths” (note: surprisingly the Goths did NOT ride into battle wearing black trenchcoats). Jane got me “The Provinces of Rome” Vol I & II by Mumford – an extraordinary panoplay from the further reaches of England, through Gaul and Iberia to the borders with the Moors, Axum (Ethiopia), Palestine, Persia, Dacia (Romania), thence along the lower Danube to Gaul.
4) Since 2002, I have been attending (civilization and proto-civilization) archaeology lectures of the Cleveland branch of the AIA. These can be incredibly interesting.

D) Arts
1) “Art” - Member of Cleveland Museum of Art. I tend to be eclectic in my tastes, but Medieval art leaves me cold. My forbearance for Madonnas, suffering saints and cherubs is way low. I have tended towards “modern” forms, from impressionism and art deco to some things that are simply abstract studies. That said, while I find Jackson Pollack interesting and lively, I also don’t feel terribly connected.
2) Theater- Generally prefer the cheerful variety. Not much of a tragedy person. In high school I vastly preferred “Arsenic and Old Lace” and “Guys and Dolls” to “Madwoman of Chalet” and “Brigadoon”. Too much rage strikes me less as an honest confrontation, than as a “rebel without a clue”.
3) Movies – Generally into romantic comedy, action-adventure, and period pieces. I laugh uproariously at train-wrecks-in-the-making. Low patience for stereotypes and allegory – remember that Shakespeare works world-wide because of the complex characters.
4) Writing (essay & fiction) – Favorite Authors: Mark Twain, Harry Turtledove (parallel/alternate history), Kurt Vonnegut.
5) Music – Somewhat eclectic, but generally preferring modern forms, especially jazz derived from the jazz age and blues; especially hot 12-bar blues (jumps, stomps, boogies, early roll ‘n’roll. I mean great composers are such because they wrote great compositions in their time. I played alto sa and tuba in highscool and LOVED IT. Self taught, if you want to call it that, on piano. Perhaps the greatest tragedy in music is that it wasn’t till 500 years ago that there has been something on the order of universal notation. What DID the Sumerians, Egyptians, Chinese, Huns, Ethiopians etc. etc. listen to? What did Greek choruses sound like? Alas, we’ll never know.
6) Life – I recall Durant’s observation that the Persians preferred “the art of life to the life of art”. I suspect that the life lived largest is a combination of both. I also appreciated Xenophon’s commentary on making and finding beauty in life – “It is beautiful to see footgear ranged in a row according to its kind; beautiful to see garments sorted according to their use; beautiful to see glass vases and tableware so sorted; and beautiful, too, despite the jeers of the witless and flippant, to see cooking-pots arranged with sense and symmetry. …” – Xenophon, Strategos of the “Retreat of the Ten Thousand”.

V) Philosophy of life – Okay, will hit this later, highpoints:

A) More or less Libertarian. I do see politics as being primarily about the organization of: 1) Hatreds, and 2) Acquisition – basically all that generally inclines society towards the worst instincts of the species.

B) Atheist – I’m an arch reactionary on this. Before people started inventing the new fangled gods, goddesses and other deities and demons, the world spun perfectly well on its axis without them.

C) Polyamory - One of the first things that registerred on me was the disutility of relationship exclusivity. Affection and interest can be manufactured pretty much at will. Why then, in a world of necessitated scarcity, should an artificial scarcity be encouraged? There is little or nothing to gain, really, by cornering the market. There is still less to gain by sanctifying a market cornered against you.